The Marina is located on the waterfront at the eastern most tip of the resort. The original innovative idea behind the resort is the development of the inland Marina. This choice is based on two fundamentals. First, it frees the waterfront and the beach, leaving this area with a lower density development while preserving this area for the resorts beach club, leisure zones, along with targeted developments of a greater value. Secondly, it creates a complex of wharfs, little islands, and a Colonial style village that will in turn create a major waterfront area and more units on the beachfront. The marina area, once completed will be surrounded by approximately 3,500 units. It will have the appearance of a large lake, beautifully landscaped, dotted with small residential islands, which will house old world style villages. Homes in these villages will be built up two levels, with the ground floor being used for commercial establishments, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, leisure areas. Including services to be found in the Marina will be a yacht club, small boutique hotels, a conference hall, may restaurants, boutiques, shops, an auditorium which will promote and facilitate the cultural and business aspects of the area. Ample parking will be available as well.